By , September 09, 2016.

CJEU says that linking to unauthorised content is NOT a communication to the public unless one seeks financial gain and has knowledge of illegality — In an appeal from the Dutch Supreme Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that a hyperlink is not infringing unless the creator of the hyperlink knows it is linking to unauthorized copyrighted material. If the link is posted for profit, the court held that there is a rebuttable presumption of such knowledge. The decision, says the CJEU, strikes a balance between “the interests of copyright holders and related rights and…freedom of expression and of information.”

Carla Hayden Swearing-In To Be Broadcast on YouTube — Next week, members of the public will be able to watch as the 14th Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden, is sworn in. The ceremony begins at noon on September 14.

At the News Media Alliance, more than the name is changing — The Newspaper Association of America, which represents 2,000 news organizations in the US and Canada, is now the News Media Alliance. The name reflects in part the growing importance of digital, and the Alliance will begin accepting digital-only publishers as members.

Sorry About That: Wells Fargo to End Ads Suggesting Science Over Arts — The financial institution this week apologized about an ad campaign that many took as prioritizing science careers over careers in the arts. On Twitter, the company said it “‘is deeply committed to the arts’ and that the ads ‘were intended to celebrate all the aspirations of young people and fell short of that goal.'”

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Puts Forward Big Proposal to Reshape Access to TV Programming — Finally, the agency that tells grown-ups what swears they’re allowed to hear thinks the golden age of television we’re currently experiencing can’t continue without more government involvement.