By , May 10, 2019.

CASE Act Promises Long-Overdue Access to Justice for Individuals and Small Businesses in the Arts — “For countless individual artists and small businesses, combating the unauthorized use of their creative works online is a source of enduring frustration. The frequency and ease with which photographs, sound recordings, videos, and other works of authorship are shared on the Internet leaves those without significant time and resources little recourse when they encounter infringement. But now, after years of advocacy by creators like Jenna, new legislation promises long-overdue support for these marginalized groups in the ongoing fight against overwhelming infringement in the digital age.”

Malware from illegal video streaming apps: What to know — The Federal Trade Commission warns, “Purveyors of pirated content are now spreading apps and add-ons that work with popular streaming devices. If you download one of these illegal pirate apps or add-ons, the chances are good that you’ll also download malware.”

Public Knowledge wants to solve the misinformation problem? That’s adorable. — The claim is that allowing institutions to digitize and distribute copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright owner will lead to a more enlightened populace. David Newhoff doesn’t buy it.

LISTEN: Artists call for review of Copyright Amendment Bill — “Celebrated South African artists have come together to create a song that implores President Ramaphosa to send the flawed Copyright Amendment Bill back to parliament for critical review.”