By , January 03, 2011.

I would like to wish a happy new year to all my readers and fellow bloggers. I hope everyone had a warm and happy holiday season. Here’s to a new year filled with happiness.

Just a few notes from around the blogosphere:

  • Entertainment attorney Lionel Sobel has a new blog — Entertainment Law Reporter. Sobel covers a wide variety of topics in the entertainment law realm; the blog is a great addition to anyone’s reading list.
  • The Washington Legal Foundation runs a blog with some great in-depth analysis of different issues. They’ve recently devoted a couple posts to copyright. Check out Video Game “Bot” Provides Platform for Latest Judicial Pronouncement on Copyright & Software, about the recent World of Warcraft case, and The Supreme Court Left Most Copyright Litigants Wanting in 2010, for a review of the copyright cases that the Court heard (or passed on) in the previous year.
  • Chris Castle’s Music Technology Policy recently posted the third part of its thorough (and thoroughly entertaining) four part analysis of Google’s recently announced anti-piracy initiative. Well worth a read.
  • Finally, this video has been making the rounds. Musician Mike Lombardo responds to a blog post titled “Filesharing will go down in history as the greatest thing ever to happen to music,” a sort of “best of” listing of anti-copyright arguments (example: creating art doesn’t cost anything).

    A tad long, but worth the watch:


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  1. Mr. Castle’s articles are quite intriguing, and particularly his third regarding AdSense.

    Mr. Lombardo’s video is quite entertaining and informative. It reminds me somewhat of the approach used by John Stossel.