By , August 14, 2012.

This is actually a few days late — I first began Copyhype on August 8, 2010, meaning it has just marked its second year, though it seems like just yesterday.

The second year has been even more exciting than the first. Readership has nearly doubled. I was very honored that this site was named one of the ABA Journal’s top 100 legal blogs in 2011. Citations to articles have also begun cropping up in published and forthcoming law review articles — though I’m still looking forward to being cited in a court opinion.

Much of the past winter was dominated, of course, by the now-dead Stop Online Piracy Act. I was somewhat amused that this site made it onto a list of organizations supporting the bill that circulated heavily around the internet — I even got a handful of emails from people claiming they would no longer buy my products and/or services if I didn’t withdraw support.

It’s always interesting to see which articles have ended up being the most viewed; there are always a few surprises. These are the most popular posts written during the past year:

  1. Hey, What happened to Wikipedia? An introduction to SOPA — other popular SOPA posts include Dispatches from the SOPAcolypse, Why I support the Stop Online Piracy Act, Stop Online Piracy Act walkthrough, and How the Stop Online Piracy Act will hit what it aims at
  2. Justin Bieber is not going to jail
  3. Was Hollywood built on piracy?
  4. More evidence for copyright protection
  5. What is technology?
  6. The ‘copyright infringement isn’t theft’ trope
  7. Who cares what Jefferson thought about copyright?
  8. Megaupload and the DMCA
  9. Copyright and web fonts: Santorum web developer sued for typeface infringement
  10. Copyright and the First Amendment: the unexplored, unbroken historical practice, part 4 — for whatever reason, this was notably more popular than part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 5.

I want to say thanks to all my readers for continuing to stop by here, and to everyone who has shared their thoughts in the comments. If you’re new to the site, remember you can subscribe for updates by RSS or email, follow me on Twitter, or “like” my Facebook page.

Copyhype’s third year promises to be even more exciting. I will be launching a new look in the upcoming weeks. Nothing too dramatically different — just a little fresh paint that will be more readable, faster loading, and responsive — so the page should look relatively the same whether you’re on a smartphone, a tablet, or a regular computer.


  1. Devlin Hartline

    I am so going to stop buying your products, you muckraker! Why do you hate the Constitution so much? Why do you want da interwebs to be just like television? Rabble rabble rabble!

    LOL! Congrats, Terry!

  2. Congrats on two excellent years of posting, Terry!

    This is one of my favorite blogs on the web. Even when some of the legal discourse goes over my head, I still learn a lot. The posts dealing with the historical contexts for the ‘modern’ objections to copyright always prove enlightening. I know that research is no easy task and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I really appreciate the work that goes into this site.

    Your posts are also much-discussed at some forums I frequent; always the impetus for heated, and much needed, debate. Keep it up, and know your insights reach farther than just the visitors to this site.

    There’s also a lot of great commenting here as well. I’d like to extend my appreciation to some of the more legally savvy commenters such as Pro Se and D.H. and anyone else whose screen name doesn’t immediately spring to mind, you’re all very insightful. All of the discussion here is top notch.

    “… I’m still looking forward to being cited in a court opinion.”

    It would not surprise me in the least. Congratulations again.

    • Thanks Patrik! One of my goals with the site was to convey complex legal info to non-lawyers that other blogs and media might gloss over — but of course, the challenge is making sure it doesn’t go over anyone’s head 🙂 I hope the more I write, the better I get at doing that.

  3. Congrats and Thanks, Terry!

    The work you put into this blog is much appreciated.
    You are a glimmer of light in an otherwise dark void of sane commentary regarding copyrights.

  4. Congrats, keep up the good work. The more voices the better…