By , September 07, 2012.

In Honor of Labor Day — This past Monday was Labor Day in the US. Check out CreativeAmerica’s interactive map that shows the jobs and economic contributions made by the film and television industry in each state.

No, Bruce Willis isn’t suing Apple over iTunes rights (H/T IPKat) — Earlier this week, there was a flurry of news stories that actor Bruce Willis was considering taking legal action against Apple over whether he can pass on his digital music collection to his kids when he passes away. While it raises interesting contractual issues that we’ll likely see more and more of, it turns out that this particular story is more fiction than fact. Meanwhile, Jeff John Roberts at GigaOM looks at 3 ways to deal with digital media when you die.

Pirate Bay Founder Arrest Related To Tax Hack, Not Piracy — Also earlier this week, Pirate Bay cofounder Gottfrid Svartholm was arrested in Cambodia at the request of Swedish authorities. Many assumed the arrest was in connection with his role in the Pirate Bay, which earned him a one year sentence. Svartholm left the country before a 2010 appeal affirmed the conviction but reduced the prison term. Torrentfreak reports, however, that the arrest is in connection with Svartholm’s alleged role in a hacking operation that published the tax numbers of thousands of Swedes online. Because, well, information wants to be free.

Legal brief done in comic form — Great stuff. However, just yesterday, the judge issued a surprise ruling in the ebook antitrust litigation, approving a settlement offer, which this brief argued against.

Meet the man who wants to satirize Silicon Valley — “British arch-satirist Armando Iannucci – best known for his documentary-style dissections of the political classes — is getting ready to take on his next project: a black comedy based on Silicon Valley’s worst moments of excess. Fish, meet barrel.”

Making Stuff and Making Money — Some smart words from the Cynical Musician.