By , December 07, 2012.

TV Broadcasters Tell Appeals Court to Shut Down Aereo — Eriq Gardner has an excellent rundown of last week’s arguments in front of the Second Circuit regarding the case against Aereo, which argues it’s not a cable system because it uses lots of little antennas instead of one big antenna.

Flexible exceptions to copyright have negative economic costs, says study — Barry Sookman points to a recent paper that highlights flaws in a widely-cited study purporting to put a dollar sign on how much exceptions and limitations to copyright add to the economy.

A Q&A With Beck Hansen, Author of Song Reader — This McSweeney’s interview with Beck about his latest release — released not on MP3 or CD, but on sheet music — is fascinating and engaging, especially when he talks about the different approach to songwriting that the medium required.

Too Loud & It All Sounds The Same? Why Researchers Were Wrong On Pop — “After scientists earlier this year claimed to have proved that music has been sliding a path of diminishing returns and actually does all sound the same, musicologist Stephen Graham points out why pop music is probably as exciting now as it was in 1955.”

(Another) Misleading Study (Sort of) Claiming Piracy is Good for the Movie Biz… — Ellen Seidler takes a closer look at a recent survey that has claimed the shutdown of MegaUpload last January actually had a negative effect on the film industry.

“The Funniest People I Know Are Women”: Director Paul Feig on The Heat, Bridesmaids and Freaks and Geeks — Great interview at The Credits, which is quickly becoming a source of top-notch stories about films and the people behind them.