By , July 19, 2013.

Will People On the Internet Ever Stop Stealing Each Other’s Shit? — “As more and more people get used to the idea that we’re all content creators, they’ll care more and more about developing both norms of conduct and technological solutions that help curtail content theft—that allow content to be easily accessed and shared, but with proper attribution and perhaps with a system for generating revenue under certain circumstances.”

Thom Yorke Vs Spotify: Why Doesn’t Spotify Speak Out Against Ad Funded Piracy? — The Trichordist notes, “it’s also important to remember that despite our disagreements over the revenue distribution models of Spotify and Pandora these are legal and licensed services… One of the primary reasons Spotify pays so little is because so many more pay nothing at all.”

Will Cariou v. Prince case be heard by the US Supreme Court? — The Second Circuit denied a petition for rehearing in the trailblazing case for transformative fair use. Cariou’s lawyer has indicated he would next file an appeal with the Supreme Court. The Court has not weighed in on the fair use doctrine in nearly twenty years.

Aereo heading to the US Supreme Court? — Recent developments in the Aereo/Aereokiller line of cases also nudge the issue a little bit closer to the Supreme Court.