By , May 02, 2014.

The Internet and IP Rights: Friends or Foes? — Check out this video of law prof Adam Mossoff at the Hudson Institute this week discussing the intersection between the internet and intellectual property rights like copyright, patent, and trademark.

Aereo at the Supreme Court: Ruling for Broadcasters Won’t Harm Cloud Computing — “Delivering on-demand streaming of copyrighted programming for a fee is the quintessential public performance. The fact that Aereo streams broadcasters’ content over the Internet after pulling it down through thousands of small antennas that make thousands of user-specific copies is irrelevant. Aereo’s retransmission of this content is what matters. Indeed, that is what Aereo does.”

Aereo impacts all creators, not just broadcasters — Speaking of Aereo, over at the Copyright Alliance site, I expand upon a point I made during a panel on Aereo at last week’s Fordham IP Conference. That is, while there are many side issues in the case, the one the Supreme Court is tasked with resolving has to do with the public performance right, which affects all copyright owners. That fact has gone largely ignored.

WIPO issues study on voluntary copyright relinquishment and open licensing — The report looks at the ability of creators to dedicate their work to the public domain in nine different jurisdictions around the world.

Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers — “Why shouldn’t educational institutions predominately offer classes like Business Calculus and Algebra for Nurses? Why should anyone but hobbyists and the occasional specialist take courses in astronomy, human evolution, or economic history? So, what good, if any, is the study of the liberal arts, particularly subjects like philosophy? Why, in short, should plumbers study Plato?”

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