By , September 12, 2014.

Monkey Selfies & Animal Artists — An interesting take on the frequently discussed monkey selfie from a philosophical perspective.

Yes, Internet TV is near, but there’s too much money in cable to go there — “‘What is the appropriate way to market your product? Is it good to go directly to the consumer? Is it appropriate to be streaming? What is the future, how do we grow these businesses?’ Moonves asked. ‘I don’t think there is a media guy you’ve got up here that isn’t involved every week’ in those discussions.”

The concept of parody and the legitimate interests of parodists and copyright holders — Kluwer Copyright Blog examines a recent CJEU decision concerning parody.

D.C. door swinging Google’s way — It may soon be the case that the best way to get into government work is to start at Google. And vice versa.

Google Is Target of European Backlash on U.S. Tech Dominance — “Accusations are mounting that Google unfairly exploits its dominant position in search, giving a competitive edge to its growing stable of businesses, like YouTube videos, its Google Play app store and its news alerts.”

LouFest 2014: Cake’s John McCrea Talks Follow-Up To ‘Showroom of Compassion,’ Disdain For Tech Companies, State Of Music Industry, And More (via Trichordist) — McCrea: “And there are people, mostly in the tech industry, who say, ‘Oh, music shouldn’t be a job, you should have a day job and then play music on the side.’ But most day jobs don’t allow you to go on tour. So that’s why friends of ours have quit because you can’t just take off from your day job and go on tour for a month. There is a choice. So I see it as rather disingenuous of an industry that is actually monetizing our work and making really good money off it but not even thinking to share that money with artists to tell us that we can’t have a professional career. It is kind of selfish and sh*tty.”