By , March 27, 2015.

Robert Kastenmeier, Liberal Voice in House for 32 Years, Dies at 91 — “But his central focus was intellectual property — copyright, patents and trademarks. He was the author of 48 laws in that area, 21 of them dealing with copyright. Many reflected technological advances. The landmark 1976 bill set rules governing radio, television, photocopying, tape recording, microfilming and computer storage, breaking a 15-year logjam on a subject that bored most lawmakers.”

Remapping a Broken Internet, Chris Ruen:

Putting authors at the heart of the digital economy — A new white paper from the Society of Audiovisual Authors looks at the rights and remuneration of authors in Europe. “Copyright is the moral link that connects the author to their work. It’s also their remuneration and creative financing tool. In a Europe of diverse cultures, traditions and languages, authors have fought to be able to express themselves in their own language, without being forced into exile in order to complete their projects.”

Beyond Free Trade vs. Protectionism — “In the 21st-century knowledge economy, this means agreements that allow for effective intellectual-property enforcement and prohibit new mercantilist practices (such as forced technology transfer, data-residency requirements, and standards manipulation). It also means our nation should neither be indifferent to its industrial mix nor try to preserve its existing mix indefinitely. Rather, trade policy should be a means to drive U.S. global competitiveness in the knowledge-based industries of the future. In other words, computer chips are more important than potato chips.”