By , August 07, 2015.

Attention recent law school grads interested in copyright: be sure to check out the following opportunities: the Copyright Alliance is looking for a legal fellow, the Center for Protection of IP at George Mason Law is looking for an IP research fellow, and the Copyright Office is seeking candidates for its Barbara Ringer Honors Fellowship.

Music Artists Take on the Business, Calling for Change — “Public relations missteps in the early 2000s kept many musicians from speaking out about economic issues, artists and executives said. Those include the music industry’s lawsuits against thousands of fans for online file-sharing, and the pillorying that the band Metallica received after it sued Napster for copyright infringement. But the shift toward streaming in recent years has prompted many musicians to investigate the changes in the business and comment online. Among them are independents like David Lowery of the band Cracker; Zoë Keating, a cellist who has documented her online royalties; and Blake Morgan, a singer-songwriter who owns a small record company and started an online campaign, #IRespectMusic, to draw attention to the issue.”

WATCH: A Passionate, Well-Reasoned Defense Of CGI — A great video that looks at the craft of computer-generated effects in filmmaking, and why they are not necessarily inferior to practical effects.

If You’re Reading This, the Internet Ain’t Broke — Creative Future’s Ruth Vitale addresses EFF’s bizarre defense of pirate site MovieTube. “Many of us in the creative community wonder why the Electronic Frontier Foundation goes to such great lengths over and over again to defend the actions of criminals who make it even harder to make a living doing what we love – telling stories and creating new worlds that audiences love. I have a number of friends and colleagues who work in entertainment and they are supportive of other EFF initiatives that are aimed at real harms, but they scratch their heads at its defend-piracy-at-all-costs posture.”

The Knights Who Say SOPA — Also check out David Newhoff’s take on the same. “For all the attorneys on staff at the EFF, they rarely seem to produce an even-toned, nuanced analysis for public consumption regarding cases of this nature. I guess it’s just easier to be The Knights Who Say SOPA. Maybe if somebody brings them a nice shrubbery, they’ll knock it off.”

Making Copyright Work for Creative Upstarts — “Creative Upstarts is a fascinating look into the world of creative upstarts. With their interests and the interests of the larger copyright ecosystem in mind, Pager skillfully traverses our complicated copyright regime and identifies ample opportunities to improve copyright protections for creative upstarts. The twenty-first century is a digital age, and creators and innovators have the technological ability to produce creative works right on their laptops. Pager’s hope is the Copyright Act will be updated to address the realities of this modern world for creative upstarts.”