By , November 06, 2015.

YouTube is a hosting provider, but one with extensive duties of care, say two German Courts — The German word for “take down, stay down” is “Stoererhaftung”. “Stoererhaftung requires that YouTube has breached its duty of care after having been notified of an infringement. This duty of care (arising with notification) does not only include a mere takedown of the infringement notified, but also a stay down and the prevention of other infringements of the same kind which are also obvious. This concept applies to YouTube according to the Hamburg court.”

The Peanuts Movie‘s Animation Supervisor on Getting the Gangs into 3 Dimensions — I admit to being a bit skeptical after seeing trailers for the new Peanuts Movie, but this sounds very interesting. “We obviously started out just by studying Schulz’s wobbly pen line, his cartoon line, and the four panel strip. We definitely looked at the Christmas and Halloween specials as the Hallmark classics of the Peanuts. We studied the movies as well. We had access to every single comic, movie, special, even the commercials that they did way back before they did the specials. We studied Bill Melendez [Schulz’s trusted animator on the televised specials] and Bill Littlejohn [the lead animator with Melendez].”

Using intellectual property system to harness African creativity — “Also included are the copyright systems that reward writers, artists, musicians and other creators and allow them to market their work around the world. IP helps ensure that the product of your mind belongs to you, so that you and your family will benefit. But governments need to put in place legal, regulatory and other frameworks to maximise human creativity and assure it can be shared across boundaries.”

Will Buckley works to unite artists and fix a broken DMCA — Ellen Seidler sits down with Fareplay founder Will Buckley about his efforts advocating on behalf of artists and creators. “Artists groups: authors, filmmakers, musicians, photographers and other creators will really need to step up their game in terms of individual participation to prevail. And while there are far more creators speaking out than ever before, in the scheme of things, it is far fewer than one percent. If that doesn’t change the creative community may come away empty handed from the proceedings.”

Previously on Copyhype —This week, the final text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which includes a chapter on intellectual property, was publicly released. For background on how copyright came to be included in trade agreements, see Copyright and Trade.