By , November 20, 2015.

Industry-Wide Survey Reveals 67% of Professional Photographers Are Affected by Unauthorized Use of Photos — “According to a recent industry survey by Professional Photographers of America (PPA) on the prevalence and impact of copyright infringement among professional photographers, 67% of the nearly 2,000 respondents said they have had photographs used without their permission. Of that group, more than half estimate unauthorized uses of their images totaled five or more in the past five years.”

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2‘s Production Designer on Creating the Capitol — A look at the efforts that went into translating the scenes from the book into physical sets for the final installment of the Hunger Games series.

Google’s continued do-si-do around its piracy pledge — Ellen Seidler: “Google pretends to be working on its piracy problem, but when you drill down it’s clear that the tech giant is doing everything it can to avoid taking action or responsibility. I hope those House members who sat and listened to Mr. von Lohmann will not take him at his word, but instead, examine actual facts. Google still has a very long way to go when it comes to fighting piracy.”

YouTube to Pay Fees for Some Video Makers to Fight Takedowns — The most powerful company on the planet says it may offer help to as many as four of its users.

‘All You Need to Know About the Music Business’ Author Donald Passman on ‘Freemium’, New Realities — Highlights from the latest edition of the guidebook to the music industry, with thoughts on the vinyl boom, consent decrees, and freemium.

Previously on Copyhype — On Wednesday, both parties in Fox News v. TVEyes told the court they intended to appeal the case to the Second Circuit. Fox News is appealing the court’s September 9, 2014 order, which I wrote about in Fox News v TVEyes: Fair Use Transformed.