By , February 19, 2016.

Future of TV Coalition: FCC Set-Top Item Is Google Gift — “Glist said that the set-top proposal was essentially a battle between Google and apps. ‘Google would like to have all information assimilated and searchable through their browser so they can find data and sell ads against their content,’ he said, ‘and they are unhappy with the choice of consumers to consume more and more content, including MVPD and over-the-top video content, through apps, in which they have very little visibility.'”

George Washington key to intellectual property rights — May and Cooper write, “George Washington regarded protection of property rights a matter of justice. He also considered protections for copyrights and patent rights necessary for sustaining the new nation’s economic independence. Washington’s consistent support for IP even precedes the Constitution’s adoption. In the early 1780s, he became an acquaintance of author Noah Webster. Washington’s letters of introduction helped Webster successfully lobby the Virginia legislators for a state copyright law in 1785.”

The Reality of Touring Revenue From Someone Who Has Done It For 32 Years — David Lowery sheds light on the financial aspects of touring for musicians and why it is very rarely a substitute for declining recorded music revenues.

Video: Understanding the Problem Behind #WTFU — Earlier this week, a popular YouTube creator posted a video criticizing YouTube’s approach to protecting copyright, saying, among other things, that it didn’t adequately preserve fair uses of copyrighted material. Here, Jonathan Bailey responds, noting that, while sympathetic to the concerns expressed in the video, the problem is that the amount of material uploaded to YouTube requires the use of automated systems to deal with infringement, and those automated systems are not 100% perfect.