By , March 11, 2016.

An Awareness Crusade Against the Online Piracy of Books — Author Rhonda Rees was shocked when she discovered pirated copies of her books available online, but soon learned that this was a problem that plagued all authors and the publishing industry. So, Rees says here, “I made it my mission to figure out all that I could about this issue of online book piracy, to become more knowledgeable and aware, and to open up a dialogue between authors, law enforcement, policy makers and the public.”

Dead Kennedys frontman goes after the modern music industry — “As a self-described DIY band, and the only U.S. band that can boast of having a gold record distributed on an independent label, [Dead Kennedys] sits at the crux of technology, distribution, and rights issues that are bringing vehement change to today’s music industry. A change that is, according to [East Bay] Ray, not for the better. Listing the monopolies as Google (with YouTube), Spotify, Apple, Pandora, and Amazon, Ray discusses the way their business models are systemically aborting creativity and diversity from the collective musical commons.”

Google is strip-mining the world’s culture — Author Amanda Foreman cautions that high principles are at stake in the Authors Guild v Google litigation, currently awaiting Supreme Court review of a cert petition. “I know it’s difficult,” she says here, “to imagine the toxic damage caused by Google’s strip-mining of the world’s creative content — especially since right now it offers such a pleasurable “all-you-can-eat” free buffet. But there it is: the world makes, Google takes. And takes.”

An Interview with Mickey Osterreicher, General Counsel of the NPPA — PetaPixel interviews Osterreicher, who handles all legal affairs and policy for the National Press Photographers Association. “Most visual journalists view our profession as a calling. No one really expects to become wealthy in this line of work, but most do expect to earn a fair living, support themselves and their family, and contribute to society. Copyright infringement reduces that economic incentive dramatically. This in turn may abridge press freedoms by discouraging participation in this field. It also devalues photography as both a news medium and art form, thereby eroding the quality of life and freedom of expression that are part of the foundation of this great nation.”

SoundExchange Launches Public Search Website with Access to Industry’s Best ISRC Data — “A free service that provides 24/7 access to data, SoundExchange’s ISRC Search Site will help all parties through improved tracking and reporting of sound recording usage. The database includes nearly 20 million ISRCs reported to SoundExchange. The initiative will also help ensure fast, accurate identification of sound recordings, which will help music creators receive prompt, accurate and fair compensation from the digital services that use their music.”