By , November 11, 2016.

A tribute to an outstanding Register of Copyrights — Former IP Subcommittee Chairman Howard Berman pens this tribute to former Register Maria Pallante, who was removed from her position several weeks ago. Berman writes, “In Washington, we have become accustomed to bureaucratic-style leadership that avoids tackling the tough problems and passes the buck. Instead, Register Pallante did exactly what we hope from our best public servants: She saw a problem, recognized her duty to fix it and forced us to consider the hard choices.”

What does a location manager do? A conversation with Tony Holley — CreativeFuture speaks with Holley, who most recently has worked on this summer’s fantastic Netflix show Stranger Things. Holley talks about some of the striking sets on the show and his role as “liaison between the producers and the home or business owner”—and how using one particular location helped save and preserve an historic building.

How copyright came to the Library of Congress — Copyright history buffs should absolutely start reading Zvi Rosen’s new blog, which presents not only in-depth looks at interesting moments in US copyright law history, but also primary documents digitized by Rosen himself which have previously been unavailable online. Here, Rosen begins a look at the events that led up to the establishment of the US Copyright Office within the Library of Congress.