By , December 02, 2016.

Our civilization, too, will largely survive in the works of our creation. There is a quality in art which speaks across the gulf dividing man from man and nation from nation, and century from century. That quality confirms the faith that our common hopes may be more enduring than our conflicting hostilities.

Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson, Remarks at the Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, December 2, 1964.

Protect America’s Creative Future — Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath and musician Billy Morrison pen this op-ed to coincide with the US Chamber’s IP Champions event this week. “Our greatest achievements will depend on our ability to give tomorrow’s artists, innovators and inventors the tools to protect their intellectual property. Not only will it benefit creators, it may also help ensure that the next great artist gets to share their next big hit with you.”

New DMCA Registration Regime Starts Today. Don’t Delay! — Rick Sanders has the “breakdown” on the Copyright Office’s new system for registering agents to receive DMCA takedown notifications. If you run a website or other online service that fields such notices, you need to re-register to maintain safe harbor protections. If you’ve never registered an agent, it’s worth considering whether you should.

Focus on Creators — Thousands of Canadian authors, artists, and creators have signed a letter to Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly asking her to put creators at the heart of ongoing and upcoming reviews of copyright policy. It’s not too late for others to sign on to the letter.

The Demise of the TPP and its Impact on Copyright — Hugh Stephens discusses the international copyright implications that result from the (probable) failure of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to cross the finish line.