By , January 27, 2017.

It’s Time to Modernize the Copyright Office — Gabriel Horwitz lays out the case for what needs to be done to make sure the Copyright Office can meet the challenges of a 21st century copyright system. Fortunately, the House Judiciary Committee has already begun work on the issue, issuing a policy proposal on Copyright Office reform last month, with public comments due Tuesday.

What Does an Independent Film Producer Do? A Conversation with Jeff Sharp — CreativeFuture sits down with Sharp, producer of films such as Boys Don’t Cry and You Can Count On Me, to discuss the role of the film producer, and the challenges and opportunities that indepedent film producers face.

Reading The Game: Red Dead Redemption — Jason Sheehan, writing at NPR, reveals that his favorite Western of all time is… a video game? A great reminder of the storytelling potential of a medium often perceived as shoot-em-ups and RPGs.

CBS, Paramount Settle Lawsuit Over ‘Star Trek’ Fan Film — In the wake of a court ruling putting a damper on the production of an unauthorized Star Trek derivative work, the two parties have settled. According to Eriq Garnder at THR, the producers of Axanar will continue production of their film after agreeing to make “substantial changes” as part of the settlement.

Bandcamp Reports Strong Growth, Adding 2000 Indie Labels, Hundreds of Thousands of Artists in 2016 — The site, which is open to any recording artist and focuses on physical and digital sales of music rather than subscriptions and streaming, announced positive performance over the past year.