By , May 05, 2017.

Grassley, Feinstein, Leahy, Hatch Call for Quick Action in the Senate on Legislation to Provide Selection Process for Register of Copyrights — A bipartisan group of Senators this week introduced companian legislation to HR 1695, which passed the House last week 378-48. The bill would make the Register a Presidential appointee subject to Senate confirmation and is seen as the first step toward broader Copyright Office modernization efforts.

New CPIP Policy Brief: Open-Access Mandates and the Seductively False Promise of “Free” — A number of federal agencies require authors and publishers of scholarly articles using federally-funded data to make those articles available for free. In this brief published this week, it is argued that such open-access mandates raise serious legal, policy, and economic concerns and contradict basic principles of copyright law.

Merges on Utilitarian Justifications for IP — IP scholar Robert Merges responds to Mark Lemley’s 2015 paper Faith-based Intellectual Property, which argued that adherents of deontological justifications for intellectual property cannot take part in a true scholarly exchange.

Are rules incompatible with the web? Let’s hope not: A response to Tim Wu — Geoffrey Manne and Neil Turkewitz weigh in on a proposal to include Encrypted Media Extensions as part of the World Wide Web Consortium’s standards. The proposal would enable browsers to display DRM-protected media without the need for third-party plugins.