By , October 27, 2017.

Above: Author T. J. Stiles delivers the keynote address at the Center for Protection of Intellectual Property’s Fall Conference, October 13, 2017.

Music Creators See Big Tech Earning Billions While ‘Strip-Mining Artists’ Work’: Guest Op-Ed — Musician and president of the Content Creators Coalition Melvin Gibbs writes, “The tech platforms wrap themselves in claims about free speech or internet censorship, but in the end they oppose measures to reduce pirated music and other creative works because that would hurt their bottom line.”

Another Season, Another Common-Law Copyright Opinion — Zvi Rosen writes about yesterday’s Florida Supreme Court decision finding that pre-1972 sound recording owners do not have a common law public performance right in Florida. The question came to the court after the Eleventh Circuit certified it as part of a lawsuit between the Turtle’s Flo & Eddie and Sirius XM Radio.

Internet “entrepreneur” shocked that copyright owner sued him for stealing their work — Also believes that all photographers do is put their photos online to trick people into copying them just so they can sue them.