By , December 01, 2017.

Miranda Mulholland brings crucial message to Ottawa in ‘Redefining Success in a Digital Marketplace’ speech — “On Nov. 22, Miranda Mulholland brought an important and timely message to Ottawa as she delivered a keynote speech at the Economic Club of Canada. In addition to her credentials as a talented artist and entrepreneur, Mulholland has emerged as a trailblazer in the global artists’ rights movement: in May, she became the first creator to deliver a keynote address at the Economic Club of Canada, and recently spearheaded a letter co-signed by 100 fellow artists on recommendations for a reformed Copyright Board of Canada.”

Seven Years of Hadopi: Nine Million Piracy Warnings, 189 Convictions — The latest report from the French agency administering an anti-piracy graduated response regime delivers the latest numbers, but also notes the need to address emerging piracy issues, such as “fully-loaded” streaming media boxes.

A Quick Update on the Display Right — A decade ago, the Ninth Circuit held that infringement of the public display right required possession of the copy being displayed. This “server test” thus meant website operators could display images via embedding or framing without running afoul of the public display right so long as the image remained on a third-party server. Last week, a Texas district court declined adoption of the server test, saying, “The text of the Copyright Act does not make actual possession of a copy of a work a prerequisite for infringement. To display a work, someone need only show a copy of the work; a person need not actually possess a copy to display a work.”

A New NAFTA Must Protect the Rights of Copyright Owners and Creators — “The reality is that the companies arguing for exceptions are no longer exceptional, and they should be subject to the same rules as any other entity that wishes to access, reproduce, or distribute copyrighted content. To allow otherwise would mean turning our back on the American cultural exports that have truly changed the world.”

A Bill in Congress That Will Empower a New Generation of Creators — “The next generation of creators deserves copyright protection that is as pioneering and forward-thinking as they are. They deserve practical solutions to the real-life problems they face as creators. This bill is the first step.”