By , December 22, 2017.

Happy holidays to all my readers! This will be my last post in 2017. See you all in 2018!

The Vanishing Benefits of Fair Use: A Review of the Flynn-Palmedo Study on “User Rights” in Copyright Law [PDF] — Dr. George Ford of the Phoenix Institute analyzes a recently released paper which concluded that broader “user rights” are beneficial. Dr. Ford finds “the statistical results of the Flynn-Palmedo Study are merely the consequence of basic errors in both the design and implementation of the empirical analysis, rendering spurious correlations.”

Court of Appeals Sides With Songwriters, Publishers on Fractionalized Licensing: ‘This Is a Massive Victory’ — The Second Circuit held that the consent decree that BMI operates under does not require the PRO to provide full licenses to the songs in its repertoire, as the DOJ had said last year after completing a review of the decree.

Russian-Language Video Service eTVnet Sued for Allegedly Streaming Stolen Content — Although a defendant alleged to be engaged in streaming pirated content is not unusual, the twist in this recently filed lawsuit is that the plaintiff is not a copyright owner but rather a competing streaming service. The service,, claims that eTVnet’s provision of allegedly infringing content gives it an unfair advantage in the streaming market and makes it liable for unfair business practices and making false or misleading statements of fact.

Nadler wins top Dem spot on Judiciary — Among the House Judiciary Committee’s sweeping jurisdiction is copyright law, making the race for Ranking Member following the resignation of Rep. Conyers a closely watched one by many in the copyright community. Rep. Nadler, the senior Democrat on the Committee, took the spot after a vote this week, fending off a challenge from the next most senior member, Rep. Lofgren.

Sesame Workshop & International Rescue Committee Awarded $100 Million for Early Childhood Education of Syrian Refugees — “Sesame Workshop and IRC will use the $100 million grant to implement an evidence-based, early childhood development intervention designed to address the ‘toxic stress’ experienced by children in the Syrian response region—Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria. The project will improve children’s learning outcomes today and their intellectual and emotional development over the long term.” The program will include a local version of Sesame Street.