By , January 19, 2018.

Termination of a Public License — Pamela Chestek looks at a recent decision out of the Eastern District of Virginia dealing with a photographer who posted several photos online under a Creative Commons license alleging infringment against a site operator who copied the photos without providing attribution, as required by the Creative Commons license.

Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanian Litigation — Zvi Rosen looks at litigation during the 1930s involving the protection of sound recordings under Pennsylvania common law.

How Google is Killing the Independent Movie Industry — Independent film producer Cassian Elwes writes, “NAFTA should protect the rights of working Americans in the creative industries – and copyright supports millions of them. 84 percent of all businesses in entertainment employ under ten people – truck drivers, editors, production assistants, writers, caterers, makeup artists – and they all rely on copyright protections to keep their doors open.”

New Rules! (for photo © registrations) — Attorney Leslie Burns discusses the US Copyright Office’s new procedures for registering groups of photographs on a single application, which were released yesterday. There are some important details to keep in mind, but the process will save photographers a good deal of expense when registering.