By , January 26, 2018.

These Fantastic Oscar Videos Visualize Each Craft Category — These really are fantastic and a wonderful way to showcase some of the behind the scenes craft that goes into making films.

Disney Fights Over the Meaning of “KMPW8WJ7YW6” — Disney sued movie rental service Redbox, after the company began separately selling the codes to access digital copies of movies that accompany many DVD and Blu-ray titles. Disney is now seeking a preliminary injunction, with a hearing on the motion scheduled for February 5.

David Lowery on Spotify Lawsuits and the Battle For Creators’ Rights — “Lowery got his start as an indie rocker in the 1980s with Camper Van Beethoven (best known for the off-kilter “Take the Skinheads Bowling”), then became a presence on MTV in the ’90s with Cracker (“Low”). He still tours and records with both bands. But he started something of a second career at the 2012 SF MusicTech Summit, where he gave a speech — “Meet the New Boss, Worse Than the Old Boss” — that punctured any illusions that YouTube and download sales would leave creators better off. He then started a website called The Trichordist, where he blogs about the music business with the same sarcasm he brings to some of his lyrics, and he has become a prominent voice for creators in the digital age. Now, Lowery has organized the Artists’ Rights Symposium, which will bring policymakers and musicians together on Jan. 22 and 23 at the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, Ga., where he teaches about the music business.”

Grumpy Cat owner awarded over $700,000 in lawsuit. Cat still won’t smile. — I suppose I would consider having a cat if it made that much money.