By , February 09, 2018.

Focusing on Value — 102 Things Journal Publishers Do (2018 Update) — The internet has not rendered commercial journal publishers obsolete. Here’s a comprehensive list of things they do to add value to scientific, technical, and medical research.

The Faery Tale Adventure: A personal history — For someone who lived and breathed the video game Faery Tale Adventure as a kid, the even-more-wondrous-than-you-can-imagine story of its creation was a joy to read. It should be of interest to copyright fans too, given that the sprawling game was almost exclusively the work of a single individual—including programming, graphics, and music. It’s also fun to read about the creativity that went into coding around the Amiga’s technical limitations.

Can You Copyright a Pose? — Michael Risch takes a closer look at the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision in Folkens v Wyland Worldwide, concerning the protectability of a certain element of an image: the “pose” of two dolphins. Risch writes, “The idea that we ignore near identical poses with near identical subjects simply because the pose might occur in nature troubles me a bit.”

Cloudflare Terminates Service to Sci-Hub Domain Names — Perhaps a sign of progress, as the domain service provider, which had previously balked at disabling sites that have been found liable for infringement by courts, has terminated service to an infringing site after it received a court order.

What Does a Prop Master Do? A Conversation with Elisa Malona — The head of props for The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon discusses all the work that goes into creating those objects that actors hold, touch, or interact with.