By , May 04, 2018.

YouTube Beta Testing Content ID for Everyone — Jonathan Bailey takes a look at a new tool being tested by YouTube that would aid users with addressing infringement on the service. Unlike Content ID, the service appears that it will be made available to all users.

Gibson’s Bankruptcy is a Cautionary Tale about Corporate “Innovation” — “My point here is not to blame Gibson or its CEO for poor leadership, but rather to call into question our collective belief in ‘innovation’ as the sole path to success in a fast-changing world. As a culture, we are obsessed with innovation, with ‘disruption,’ with entrepreneurs and hustlers and go-getters.”

Music Modernization Act: A Breakdown — Attorney Dina LaPolt has assembled a quick guide to H.R. 5447, the Music Modernization Act, which passed the House last week after a 415-0 vote. The chart compares the current state of the law to how the law would operate under the MMA.

Federal Circuit’s Fair Use Decision in Oracle v. Google – Astonishing, But Not Surprising — Attorney Lee Gesmer offers some practical takeaways from the Federal Circuit’s March decision in Oracle v Google, which held that Google’s copying of Java code was not protected by fair use.

Pre-Release Game of Thrones Leaks Bred Pirates, Research Shows — “The pre-release leak of four Game of Thrones episodes, early 2015, is one of the most prominent piracy cases in TV history… A new working paper published by economy researcher Wojciech Hardy of the Institute for Structural Research and the University of Warsaw carefully dissected the aftermath. The findings show that the pre-release leaks triggered more people to pirate, and not just the four leaked episodes. This led to a decrease in expected viewers for Game of Thrones, but also for comparable TV-shows.”