By , October 19, 2018.

Advocacy is a Verb: My Testimony on The Hill — A fantastic look (with some fantastic photos) at last September’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the CASE Act, which would establish a copyright small claims process for creators who cannot afford to bring claims in federal court. The article is a first hand account of the experience by Jenna Close, a working photographer, and one of the witnesses who testified at the hearing.

The Orrin G. Hatch-Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act — A look at the landmark legislation, signed into law October 11, from the experts at the Copyright Office. Read to learn what the bill does, and what happens now that it has been enacted.

Riders on the Storm: How Ray Manzarek & the Doors Helped Change the Course of Copyright History — Neil Turkewitz provides an engaging look at the role Manzarek played in the first dispute brought under the TRIPs agreement in 1996.

Is Richard Prince in a Jam? — Appropriation Artist Richard Prince recently filed briefs in two copyright infringement suits he’s currently involved in, arguing, unsurprisingly, that he is protected by fair use.

American Airlines sues over U.S. government’s refusal to copyright ‘garden-variety’ logo — What’s the deal with copyright protection for airline logos?