By , October 26, 2018.

Are Electronic Course Packs Fair Use? — The Authors Guild looks at last week’s Eleventh Circuit decision in Cambridge University Press v Albert, an ongoing dispute over Georgia State University’s use of copyrighted works through its digital coursepack system.

Section 1201 Exemptions to Prohibition Against Circumvention of Technological Measures Protecting Copyrighted Works — Every three years, the US Copyright Office engages in a rulemaking to determine temporary exemptions to allow circumvention of technological protection measures in certain works. Yesterday, the exemptions for the most recent rulemaking were published.

Fox News Tells Supreme Court to Reject TVEyes Petition — As Eriq Gardner reports, Fox News has filed its opposition brief responding to TVEye’s Supreme Court cert petition. TVEyes, which copies and distributes clips of television programming to paying subscribers, failed to convince the Second Circuit that it is shielded by fair use and is now seeking to have the Supreme Court review its case.

Money for nothing: copyright law, YouTube, and the future of music [Part II] — “Musicians should take comfort that, 19 years after Napster launched, there’s a growing sense among legislators that music’s value has been detached from its price for too long. And that’s a start.”