By , January 18, 2019.

100% DIY: interview with cellist Zoë Keating — The composer and cellist discusses the challenges and rewards of taking the DIY route to get her music to audiences.

Effect of a “No-Deal” Brexit on IP in the UK — It has been a whirlwind week in the world of UK politics, but what happens to IP if the country leaves the EU without a deal in place? Terese Saplys, Deborah J. Kirk and Grace Erskine of Latham & Watkins breaks it down.

How is the USPTO Operating During the Federal Government Shutdown? — The agency, which, among other duties, provides copyright policy advice to the Executive Branch, is able to continue to operate during the shutdown using reserves from prior year fee collections, though, as Patentlyo points out here in more detail, those reserves will eventually run out.

AG Szpunar advises CJEU to rule that quotation exception is not limitless and that there is no fair use in the EU — Eleonora Rosati looks at the advisory opinion at IPKat. “The case is currently pending before Germany’s Federal Court of Justice, which has stayed the proceedings and asked the CJEU to clarify, among other things, how far the ‘quotation’ exception can go and what discretion EU Member States enjoy when transposing and applying relevant EU copyright directives.”

Vimeo to pay €8.5mln damages to Mediaset — The decision from an Italian court weighs in on the liability of an online video service.