By , February 01, 2019.

Will the Supreme Court Review Oracle v. Google? Please? — Attorney Lee Gesmer takes a look at the two issues Google has asked the Supreme Court to review in its long-running lawsuit with Oracle over its copying of Java code.

How the Iconic Photo ‘Migrant Mother’ Came to Be — A great video that looks at the creative process that went into Dorothea Lange’s 1936 photograph.

How Colorist Loren White Makes Footage Pop Off the Screen — “A relatively recent entrant in the field of Hollywood jobs, coloring – or ‘color grading’ – is a digital art that involves creating a ‘look’ for a project that remains consistent from start to finish. Achieving that look can entail matching a cloudy sky from one angle to the sunny sky of another, making onscreen objects ‘pop’ such as eyes or clothing, imbuing a period feel, or a combination of all those things.”

RIAA Appeals Dismissal of Major Labels’ Case Against Russian Stream-ripper — “Last week, a federal judge in the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed a copyright infringement case brought by Universal Music, Sony Music and 10 other labels against the operator of Russian stream-ripper, ruling that the court lacked jurisdiction over the foreign site. But the recording industry isn’t done fighting yet.”

Stream-ripping Site Acted Illegally, German Court Rules — Torrentfreak reports, “The Court found that while users had requested the tracks, it was ZeeZee that fetched and reproduced them, later making them available for download. The infringing copies, therefore, had to be attributed to ZeeZee, not the end users of its service, in line with the limits on private copying highlighted in a 2017 ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union.”