By , April 12, 2019.

The Golden Age of YouTube is Over — There was a time in the early days of the internet when existing creative industries were decried as legacy dinosaurs, and user-generated services like YouTube were hailed as ushering in a new era of culture and creativity. Verge‘s Julia Alexander reports that that hasn’t exactly proven true.

Why Disney’s Remakes Don’t Extend its Copyright — Disney’s latest remake—a live action version of its classic Dumbo—has sparked some chatter that this is part of an effort by the company to extend the term of its copyright protection over those older works. But as Jonathan Bailey explains here, that’s not how copyright term works.

ScoreKeeper And Composer Michael Abels Invites You To Admire US — Birth.Movies.Death talks with film composer Michael Abels, who offers a fantastic look inside the creative process that went into his work on Jordan Peele’s latest film, US.

17 Indie Artists on Their Oddest Odd Jobs That Pay the Bills When Music Doesn’t — A sobering look at the financial realities facing indie musicians in the digital age.

Platforms, Privacy, and Property Rights — Neil Turkewitz: “The problem is rooted not in the idea of ‘property,’ but in the underlying incentives created by outdated laws and the cavalier attitude Silicon Valley takes toward its responsibilities in the online space. To the tech giants, every pixel on the internet is just a ‘resource’ ripe for exploitation, whether it’s a consumer surfing the web, a filmmaker promoting her movie, or a political campaign trying to reach the public. They talk about freedom but have permitted rampant online piracy, which has decimated cultural industries.”