By , May 17, 2019.

The CASE Act: You Have Questions. We Have the Answers. — Everything you want to know (and more) about the copyright small claims process that would be created by H.R. 2426 and S. 1273.

Shifting Paradigms: the Heritage Committee study on copyright — Canadian attorney Barry Sookman takes a look at a report published this week by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage that summarized the conclusions made after examining the current state of copyright law in Canada and made a number of recommendations to improve protection and remuneration for creators and the creative industries.

Embedding Content or Interring Copyright: Does the Internet Need the “Server” Rule? — The Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts published this article from professors Jane Ginsburg and Luke Ali Budiardjo, which looks at the Ninth Circuit’s “server” rule, which concerns when the exclusive right of public display is infringed online. They conclude that “the principal difference between copyright law with and without the server rule comes down to the author’s ability to obtain the removal of links to infringing content, and to authorize embedding of content from a source to which the public had lawful access.”

State University’s Copyright Infringement Violates Takings Clause and First Amendment — A group of visual arts organizations, led by the National Press Photographers Association and the American Society of Media Photographers, filed a brief in support of a photographer who has made Takings Clause claims in Texas state court against a state university related to the unauthorized use of his photograph.

Sustainable Text and Data Mining: A Look at the Recent EU Copyright Directive — “While issues of the publisher’s right and the enhanced duty of platforms to ensure use of licensed materials (for most of the debate, Articles 11 & 13) consumed much of the oxygen and nearly all of the spotlight in the process leading to the adoption of the Copyright Directive, there were a variety of other important elements contained in the Directive, including the adoption of a specific exception to copyright for data and text mining.”