By , May 24, 2019.

Why Creators Like Me are Lining up in Support of the CASE Act — Photographer Jenna Close writes, “For more than a decade, I have been making my living as a commercial photographer and filmmaker. During that time I have witnessed my works infringed online—an exceedingly easy thing to do in the digital age—but also in print… But the extraordinary costs of pursuing a copyright infringement suit in federal court prohibit me from seeking recourse this way without taking on the additional risk of bankruptcy.”

Fifty-Five Years of Software Copyright — Zvi Rosen marks the anniversary of the first time the US Copyright Office began to accept copyright registrations for software programs.

Amazing! Canada just came up with a brilliant new digital copyright regime — finally — Re: last week’s Shifting Paradigms report from the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, which makes a set of recommendations for revising the Canadian Copyright Act, “Finally the voices of Canadian artists and producers are being heard over the sterile and impractical theorizing of the copyright ‘elite’ and the loud voices of big tech, such as Google, which makes so much money from under-rewarding artists.”

Illicit streaming devices are more popular than ever, and hackers are taking note — “Malware-laden apps on Kodi boxes allow hackers to infiltrate home networks, gaining access to computers, tablets, phones, smart TVs, thermostats, security systems, smart appliances — anything connected to the network. Even worse, these devices often download malware to other devices in a user’s network, meaning that hackers may be able to infiltrate adjacent systems long after the illicit device is removed from the network.”

The Chinese Instagram Village — “Here, so-called adult amusement parks promise, in exchange for a small admission fee, the opportunity to create the perfect selfie. Standing on top of a derelict bus with a mountain range in the background? No problem! Posing with an alpaca in a rented white dress? Done.”