By , September 06, 2019.

Video Post: Irwin Karp on Drafting the 1976 Copyright Act — The storied copyright attorney and author advocate speaks in this video about the process that led to the current US copyright law, as well as his role in it. A fantastic narrative that puts context and color on the legislative history of the Act.

Pirate Site Blocking Boosts Netflix Subscriptions, Research Suggests — Torrentfreak reports on recently published research that demonstrates that anti-piracy enforcement not only reduces copyright infringement but shifts individuals to legitimate sources of copyrighted works, which is the ultimate goal of any copyright regime.

Congress Members Ask to Grill Google in Roundtable on ContentID Tool — Eileen McDermott reports, “Eight members of Congress have sent a letter to Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai requesting that the company participate in ‘a roundtable with Congressional offices and members of the creative community’ to discuss its responses to a series of questions relating to Google-owned YouTube’s Content ID tool. The tool is meant to prevent copyright infringing material from appearing on YouTube but has come under scrutiny for its failings in recent years.”

The changing economics of electronic music — An interesting look from Resident Advisor about how the dance music industry fares in a streaming world. “Undeniably, it is easier to publish your music online and hypothetically receive compensation for the downloading or purchase of that music. That is undeniably easier. The fallacy of that kind of logic, which we have been hammered over the head with, of this being this great democratising time, is that people don’t really find that stuff.”

The harsh reality of life as a musician: an interview with Miranda Mulholland — From WIPO Magazine, “Award-winning Canadian musician, record-label owner and festival founder Miranda Mulholland offers a personal account of the realities that artists are facing in the digital era.”