By , October 11, 2019.

Copyright in State Legal Materials – Looking Back to 1888 — Zvi Rosen takes a closer look at the three 19th century decisions that Public Resource is relying on in a case the Supreme Court will hear this term. The question involves the scope of the “edicts of law” doctrine, which excludes copyright protection for material that has the force of law. Public Resource filed its opening brief with the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Two Photographers Sue NYC Parks for Publicizing ‘Unearthed’ 1978 Photos — The photographers are claiming the parks department picked a whole bouquet of oopsie-daisies when they ran a heavily publicized campaign with the photos without having permission from the copyright owners.

Court Denies Audible Request for Settlement Conference in ‘Captions’ Case — The latest in the lawsuit brought by publishers against ebook distributor Audible. ” In a letter to the court on Thursday, lawyers for Audible suggested a 30-day hold on the litigation over its Captions program, and a referral to a magistrate judge to oversee settlement talks during that period. But the plaintiff publishers threw cold water on that proposal, prompting federal judge Valerie Caproni to deny Audible’s request.”

Temple and Hayden Respond to Tillis on Copyright Modernization Efforts — IPWatchdog reports on a letter from Librarian of Congress Hayden and Register of Copyrights Temple to Senate IP Subcommittee Chairman Tillis in response to a series of questions regarding the ongoing modernization efforts in the US Copyright Office. And also, happy 20th anniversary to IPWatchdog.