By , October 25, 2019.

CASE Act passed the House of Representatives Tuesday 410-6. Congressional Record. Roll call vote.

Small Claims Copyright ‘CASE Act’ Passes US House of Representatives — “Advocacy organizations for publishers, authors, and copyright applaud the 410-to-6 vote in the House for the long-promoted CASE Act.”

For Marginalized Communities, the CASE Act Bridges Copyright’s Equity Gap — The morning of the vote, Morning Consult published this powerful piece from Lateef Mtima, summarizing what the bill is about. “The CASE Act is about access to justice, both for copyright owners and users who presently cannot afford the price of admission to the system. Access to justice should not be theoretical and mythical when the struggles that marginalized copyright owners and users face are real. For the creative community, the CASE Act means that true protection under the law will finally be within reach.”

Mini-Post: A Brief and Notes of the Argument in Wheaton v. Peters via Justice Baldwin — Zvi Rosen points to a number of documents he has recently made online, including an “abstract of the argument” from plaintiff in Wheaton v. Peters, the first Supreme Court copyright decision. Essentially a brief at a time when briefing was not common, the document touches on arguments that are still relevant today.

A European perspective on paparazzi photographs of celebrities and lawsuits against celebrities over the posting of photographs of themselves — Copyright disputes between celebrities and photographers seem to be increasingly common these days. Eleonora Rosati takes a look at the copyright issues under European law.