By , November 15, 2019.

MLC, Digital Services Strike Deal to Fund Music Modernization Act-Mandated Database — The MLC, which must begin offering and administering blanket licenses under Section 115 of the Copyright Act, would get $33.5m in startup costs and $28.5m in annual operating costs from the digital music services if the settlement is approved by the Copyright Royalty Judges.

Google News Shutdown in Spain Was Not as Bad as Google Would Have You Believe — From the News Media Alliance: “For years, critics have attempted to make the case for why the EU should not adopt a similar law, arguing that the Spanish law and resulting Google News closure were disastrous for Spanish news publishers, with some publishers experiencing double-digit drops in web traffic… What we found was that much of the data contradict the narrative pushed by Google and other opponents of the Publishers’ Right.”

Congress can protect creative artists from piracy. Why won’t the Senate pass the bill? — Author Douglas Preston pens this op-ed in favor of the CASE Act, which passed the House 410-6 and is currently just a few steps short of a Senate vote.

‘Oh the Places You’ll Boldly Go!’ to Test the Bounds of Fair Use — Briefing is complete in the Ninth Circuit appeal concerning an unauthorized mashup of Dr. Seuss and Star Trek. Kyle Jahner of Bloomberg Law reviews the arguments on both sides.

Does a plaintiff claiming unlawful removal of copyright management information have to own a registered copyright? — No, says a district court in Texas. Attorney Evan Brown takes a look at the decision.