By , November 22, 2019.

Barbara Ringer: Beyond the © — Tuesday marked the anniversary of the appointment of Barbara Ringer as the first female US Register of Copyrights. The Copyright Office notes the occasion with some anecdotes about the remarkable Ringer.

2 Copyright Profs’ SCOTUS Wishlists for ‘Oracle v. Google’ — Last Friday, the Supreme Court granted cert in Oracle v. Google, a blockbuster of a copyright case that will be closely watched. Read reactions from professors Peter Menell and Sandra Aistars.

Site blocking orders come to Canada: — Canadian attorney Barry Sookman analyzes the recent decision in Bell Media v, which is “the first Canadian site blocking order against sites that predominantly facilitate copyright infringement.” As Sookman notes, with this decision “Canada now joins the many countries around the world which use judicial and/or administrative site blocking against sites that predominantly facilitate copyright infringement.”

Cox Knew About Pirating Subscribers, Court Concludes — Torrentfreak reports, “Internet provider Cox Communications can’t argue that it had ‘no knowledge’ of the hundreds of thousands of piracy notices it received, a Virginia federal court ruled. The ruling is important for the upcoming trial between the Internet provider and dozens of music companies, as “knowledge” is a critical element of the rightsholders’ liability claim.”

Redbox Agrees to Never Again Sell Disney’s Movie Download Codes — The two year lawsuit, which began after the purveyor of DVD rentals began selling the digital download codes offered in DVD combo packs, has settled.