By , February 21, 2020.

Oracle Backed by 32 Amicus Briefs in Google Copyright War — That’s a lot, and it includes a brief from the US government, who is also seeking to participate in oral arguments March 24. The Supreme Court’s decision will come out anytime after then and before the end of the Court’s term in late June.

A Stunning Legal Decision Just Upheld a $6.75 Million Victory for the Street Artists Whose Works Were Destroyed at the 5Pointz Graffiti Mecca — It’s not every day we get an appellate court decision on VARA, so this one was greatly anticipated by fans of the 1990 law granting moral rights to creators of certain works of visual art. The case here hinged primarily on how to define “work of recognized stature.” The full Second Circuit decision here.

Copyright Office Fee Schedule — New fees for many of the US Copyright Office’s services are going into effect March 20, so creators still have a few weeks to get their works registered and save a couple of bucks.

Can states pirate works without paying? The potential grounds for abrogation of state sovereign immunity in copyright — The Supreme Court gets back to work next week after its mid-winter break, and with that comes anticipation of when it will issue its decision in Allen v. Cooper. Thomas Key takes a look at the issue in great detail over at IPKat and offers some predictions.