By , July 10, 2020.

Grammy Winner Maria Schneider Files Class Action Copyright Piracy Lawsuit Against YouTube, LLC Over Content ID — Justia reports, “The lawsuit concerns copyright piracy on YouTube and alleges that YouTube’s copyright management tool, Content ID, ‘actually insulates the vast majority of known and repeated copyright infringers from YouTube’s repeat infringer policy’ and leaves plaintiffs in the class with ‘no meaningful ability to police the extensive infringement of their copyrighted work.'”

Authors Guild, Amazon, PRH File Suit Against E-book Pirate Site — It’s notable to see Authors Guild and Amazon on the same side in a copyright infringement case, but their interests happen to align in this lawsuit against what Authors Guild Executive Director Mary Rasenberger calls a “particularly egregious criminal enterprise” that “sells highly commercial books and passes itself off as a legitimate site.”

Tuned in: Music Modernization Act Updates and Related News — The US Copyright Office has a newsletter that provides updates on implementation of the MMA’s blanket license. Subscribe at the link or check out the archive of past issues, including the latest issue.

The MLC Announces Tools to Help Self-Administered Songwriters and Publishers “Play Their Part” — Speaking of the MMA, The MLC, which is charged with administering the blanket license, announced this week a set of tools for self-administered songwriters and publishers to help them get ready for the new license and make sure they are getting the royalties they are entitled to.

U.S. Copyright Office: Disconnecting Persistent Pirates is Not Always Preferred — Ernesto Van der Sar of Torrentfreak reports on a US Copyright Office response to a Senate IP Subcommittee letter asking follow-up questions about the Office’s recent Section 512 report, noting in particular, “The Copyright Office is clearly mindful of individual user rights.”