By , October 02, 2020.

WWE Headed to Trial for Copying Wrestler’s Tattoos for Video Game — “On Saturday, an Illinois federal judge handed her partial summary judgment by determining that WWE and Take-Two Interactive Software, the publisher of the WWE 2K series of video games, had indeed copied her work. Now the question for a jury is whether that rises to copyright infringement. The judge denies the defendants’ own motion for summary judgment by deciding that certain questions are triable ones. Those include whether Alexander impliedly licensed Orton to disseminate and display the six tattoos she inked for him.”

U.S. Copyright Office Launches Digital Millennium Copyright Act Webpage — “The U.S. Copyright Office today launched a new webpage dedicated to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The new webpage consolidates information and resources about various aspects of the DMCA, including section 512’s safe harbors and notice-and-takedown system, section 1201’s anticircumvention provisions, and section 1202’s copyright management information protections.”

Introducing Soundtrack by Twitch: Rights-Cleared Music For All Twitch Creators — The livestreaming service this week announced the launch of a pre-cleared library of music for its users to incorporate into their own streams without having to worry about copyright issues.

This AI Generates Photos Using Only Text Captions as a Guide — “Researchers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) have created a machine learning algorithm that can produce images using only text captions as its guide. The results are somewhat terrifying… but if you can look past the nightmare fuel, this creation represents an important step forward in the study of AI and imaging.”