By , April 09, 2021.

Google Copyright Case Appears to Have Little Hollywood Impact — “Some of this can be chalked up to spin — either playing up the harms before the ruling, or playing them down after, or both. But it is also true that Justice Stephen Breyer went out of his way to say that he was only concerned with computer code, and that he was not trying to expand the general definition of ‘fair use’ in copyright law.”

Professors Balganesh and Menell on “The Curious Case of the Restatement of Copyright” — “While Profs. Balganesh and Menell support a Restatement of Copyright, they argue against ALI’s application of the traditional Restatement format to an area of law dominated by a detailed federal statute. They argue that such an application ignores the analytical mismatch between the traditional Restatement format and statutory domains that will create more confusion than clarity.”

The Met Wins a Case Against a Photographer Who Claims It Posted His Image of Eddie Van Halen Online Without Permission — “A panel of judges has ruled in favor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a copyright case over the institution’s use of a photograph of Eddie Van Halen. A 1982 concert image of Van Halen shot by Florida-based photographer Lawrence Marano was used by the museum in an online catalogue for the 2019 exhibition ‘Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll,’ which featured the late musician’s famous ‘Frankenstein’ guitar.”

U.S. Copyright Office Guide on Common Copyright Issues for Librarians — To commemorate National Library Week, the Library of Congress published an updated research guide from the US Copyright Office directed at libraries.

France’s New Strategy For Tackling Online Piracy Presented in New Bill — “A new bill presented to the Council of Ministers this week has several key goals including a pirate site ‘blacklist’, mechanisms to deal with mirror sites, and a new system to tackle live sports piracy. A new regulatory body will also be formed by merging Hadopi and the Higher Audiovisual Council.”