By , May 14, 2021.

Holding States Accountable for Copyright Piracy — “This paper identifies how copyright law and sovereign immunity came into conflict recently, explains why this conflict matters, and proposes a solution: Congress should enact new legislation that holds states accountable for when state officials pirate the fruits of creative labors of citizens by stealing their copyrighted works.”

Georgia Governor signs SB 238 into law — This week, the Georgia governor signed into law a bill that would allow the state to continue to offer an annotated code in light of last year’s Supreme Court decision in Georgia v. Public Resource Org. The bill clarifies which parts of the Code have or do not have the effect of law, clarifies the oversight of Georgia’s Code Revision Commission with respect to supplementary content, and revises a provision relating to copyright of the Code.

Goldsmith: The Supreme Court’s Google v. Oracle decision did not alter fair use analysis — Yesterday, the photographer filed her response to the Warhol Foundation’s request for rehearing of the Second Circuit’s decision finding Warhol’s use of Goldsmith’s Prince photo was not fair use. The Warhol Foundation has seven days to file a reply.

US Copyright Office: Notice and Takedown — The US Copyright Office recently published this helpful overview of the DMCA’s notice and takedown process, which copyright owners can use to request removal of infringing content from online services.