By , July 23, 2021.

Copyright Office Announces Appointments of Copyright Claims Board Officers — Click to see which three individuals were named to preside over copyright small claims disputes in the new tribunal.

Podcast – IP & Social Justice with Professor Lateef Mtima — Illusion of More’s David Newhoff speaks with Howard University Law professor and director of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice Lateef Mtima on the intersections between IP and social justice.

#BlackTikTokStrike: How TikTok Dance Creators Can Begin to Protect Their Choreographic Works — CDAS attorney Kamilah Moore talks about how black creators and other creators of color can protect their choreographic works, protect their rights, and monetize their creativity in a TikTok world.

Biden to appoint Big Tech critic to DOJ antitrust role — The nomination is for one of the last remaining open slots among government positions leading in antitrust enforcement efforts, and the choice signals that the Administration will be vigorous in enforcing antitrust laws against Big Tech.

UEFA Wins Two-Year Extension to Streaming Piracy Blocking Order — “UEFA, the governing body of football in Europe, has obtained an extension to a High Court injunction that requires major ISPs to block consumer access to pirated streams in Ireland. The plan is to continue blocking measures so that pirating customers of Eir, Sky, Virgin Media, and Vodafone can less easily watch UEFA Champions League and Europa Conference League matches.”