By , September 24, 2021.

Re-Recording Your Old Songs: How Taylor Swift is “Shaking Off” Her Old Record Company — Stephen Carlisle explains the copyright and contractual issues underlying T-Swift’s endeavor to release new recordings of her songs.

NJ, NY, CA Defendants Indicted for Nationwide Copyrighted IPTV Theft Scheme — “‘You can’t just go and monetize someone else’s copyrighted content with impunity,’ said Bradley S. Benavides, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division. ‘That’s the whole point of securing a copyright. Theft is theft, and if you’re going to willfully steal another party’s intellectual property, the FBI stands ready to step in and shut you down.'”

Research Tools: New eCFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Website Goes Live with Several New Features — Anyone who has ever had to research current and historic federal regulations should welcome the updated eCFR site, which offers a new look and improved functionality.

Filtering and Site Blocking: Necessary Reforms for the Digital Marketplace — In a new policy memo, Steven Tepp writes, “Business models and technology have changed dramatically since the 1990s; nowhere more so than online. Those changes, alongside some key judicial decisions, have distorted the operation of the US copyright law provision specifically designed to address online copyright infringement. Today, even a platform that knows that 80 percent of what it hosts are unlicensed copyrighted works, it can be shielded from accountability by the safe harbors in the Copyright Act.”