By , November 19, 2021.

SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments in Unicolors v. H&M Case that Could Redefine Copyright Registration Standards — On Monday, the Court considered the sole copyright case (so far) in front of it this term. Kevin Madigan provides a thorough overview of the issues that came out during oral arguments regarding the question of when a copyright owner’s mistake on a registration application is enough to result in invalidation of the registration.

Will the Supreme Court Finally Declare Copyright Infringement As “Theft”? — Photographer Jim Olive has filed a cert petition requesting the Supreme Court review a Texas Supreme Court decision that denied a takings claim brought against the University of Houston for posting one of his photos to its website without permission.

Google agrees 5-year deal to pay AFP for online content: executives — “Global tech giants — mostly American — have run into a wide range of disputes with Brussels and EU member states, over taxation, abuse of their dominant market power, privacy issues and of making money from journalistic content without sharing the revenue. To tackle this the EU directive created the form of copyright called neighbouring rights that would allow outlets to demand compensation for use of their content.”

Instagram is offering huge bonuses for posting on Reels, its TikTok clone — It turns out maybe online platforms can pay creators?