By , January 14, 2022.

Copyright Office Activities in 2021: A Year In Review — “Last year was one the busiest years in recent history for the U.S. Copyright Office. In addition to numerous personnel changes—including a new Register of Copyrights in late 2020 and transitions in the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of Public Information and Education—Copyright Office staff have been working tirelessly on a number of policy studies and rulemakings. Here’s a look back at Copyright Office activities throughout 2021.”

Here Are The Legal Issues Affecting Content Creators In 2022 — Nashville attorney Franklin Graves takes a look at some of the major copyright and other legal issues—from copyright small claims, to fair use, to embedding, and more—that may impact internet content creators in the upcoming year.

Increasing Access to Justice: The New Copyright Claims Board — “An important change in the U.S. government’s attitude toward copyright is greater attention to access to justice issues. There has been growing concern that enforcing copyrights is too expensive for ordinary Americans. Until recently, the only way to bring a claim for copyright infringement was in federal court. Federal court proceedings are typically very expensive.”

Copyright of Software API — Patently-O’s Dennis Crouch previews arguments made this week in SAS Institute v. WPL, a case in front of the Federal Circuit that raises issues concerning copyrightability of software interfaces, leading many to view the case as a follow-on to Google v. Oracle.

PrimeWire: Hollywood & Netflix Win Court Injunction to Disable Site Domains — Finally, Torrentfreak reports that a court last Friday ordered a preliminary injunction blocking a foreign website materially contributing to copyright infringement.