By , January 28, 2022.

Breyer’s Rulings Shaped By Wariness Of Intellectual Property — Law360’s Ryan Davis examines Justice Breyer’s legacy on copyright and IP issues during his 27 year tenure on the Supreme Court, following Breyer’s retirement announcement this week.

Former wrestling coach Jim Gibbons urges lawmakers to strip Iowa PBS copyright — “Gibbons is the primary proponent of House File 579, a bill that states all ‘records, videos, electronic storage, documents, tapes, and other information’ kept by the Iowa public broadcasting board would be considered public records. That would include everything from high school sports to broadcasts of the Des Moines Metro Opera — and the 1986 Cyclone-Hawkeye duel.” Takings Clause?

States Should Follow New York’s Rejection of Mandatory eBook Licensing — “Lastly (in one of the many eyebrow raising arguments), the State accuses publishers of exploiting ‘the rapid advancement of digital technology to discriminate against public libraries when licensing e-books and audiobooks,’ noting that the first sale doctrine has not kept pace with digital works to upset the balance between publishers and libraries. It seems strange to invoke a federal copyright law doctrine as a justification to enact an overreaching state law and to also claim that there is no preemption problem.”

Zillow ordered to pay $1.9 million in copyright case — “The case has wound its way through the courts since VHT sued in 2015. In 2017, a federal jury ordered Zillow to pay $8.3 million, but the court reversed a portion of that verdict and both sides appealed. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals later sided in part with Zillow and a portion of the case was returned to the lower court.”