By , May 27, 2022.

State Restrictions on Ebook License Prices Are Preempted by Federal Law [PDF] — From Seth Cooper at the Free State Foundation, “A February 2022 decision by a U.S. District Court correctly determined that Maryland’s law mandating licensing of ebooks and digital audiobooks to public libraries in that state on ‘reasonable terms’ is preempted by federal copyright law. Yet advocates of state ebook licensing regulation appear to be seeking ways for state legislation to evade the result in Frosh by not mandating licensing but instead regulating the prices and other terms on which ebooks may be licensed to public libraries. Yet price-related restrictions on ebook licensing are still subject to preemption.”

[Guest post] Could your beliefs about copyright be protected under the Equality Act? — That is the interesting question arising out of a recent employment law dispute in the UK.

CISAC to monitor impact of AI on copyright — “In its 2022 annual report published today, CISAC said it had been looking at key issues arising from the relationship between AI and copyright, and whether there is a need to adapt current legislation to evolving technologies.”

The WIPO Files II: is international lawmaking on copyright still possible? — A report from the 42nd session of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, which took place earlier this month in Geneva. The main items on the agenda were a discussion of next steps on a work program for limitations and exceptions for libraries, archives, educational institutions, research institutions, and persons with other disabilities, and continued discussion of a broadcast treaty.

Federal Oracle-HP copyright fight kicks off in Silicon Valley Courthouse News‘s Natalie Hanson reports, “Oracle sued HP in 2016, accusing the company of selling unauthorized updates to Oracle’s Solaris software — operating systems with security to protect customers from hackers — to customers who did not have support contracts with Oracle. In 2021, a federal judge denied HP’s motion for summary judgment, opening the door to the trial that kicked off this week.”