By , June 10, 2022.

Copyright Office Releases Report on Women in the Copyright System — The report is important in its own right, providing a foundation to advance, as Register Perlmutter puts it, “the Office’s commitment to ‘copyright for all.’” But it is also notable as one of the first public-facing product from the Office after it has begun bolstering its own in-house economic expertise.

A Fire-Proof Copy of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ That Even Margaret Atwood Tried (and Failed) to Torch Sells for $130,000 at Sotheby’s — The photo of the author with a flamethrower alone is worth a click.

NHL Broadcasters Win Canada’s First ‘Dynamic’ Pirate IPTV Blocking Order — From Torrentfreak: “Canada’s Federal Court has handed down a ‘dynamic’ blocking order to prevent live NHL games from being viewed via pirate IPTV streams. The first of its kind in Canada, the flexible injunction was obtained by companies including Rogers, Bell, The Sports Network, and Groupe TVA. Unusually, it will be independently audited to assess over-blocking and any user circumvention via VPNs.”

Thaler Pursues Copyright Challenge Over Denial of AI-Generated Work Registration — Following an unsuccessful effort at the US Copyright Office to register the copyright in a work asserted to be the creation of Artificial Intelligence, an AI researcher is asking a federal court to reverse the agency’s decision.

Copyright Small Claims Has Arrived — “As of June 16, participants will be able to register for the CCB’s electronic filing and case management system (eCCB) and submit a claim.”